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Shark VacPack is a carry on luggage range that carries 2x your old bag.


no more checked bag fees, now you can vacuum shrink a full sized suitcase of clothes in your VacPack carry on.

No more waiting at the carousel waiting for the family bag the airline has lost. sitting on your luggage to close the zipper is a thing of the past.

VacPack uses the same strong suction Shark is famous for, to compress a removable & durable silicon liner inside a lightweight case.  Featuring an advanced brushless suction motor and long lasting battery in a removable pod (especially useful for airport security scanners), allows travelers to carry more and pay less.  Also useful for inflating beach toys and recharging kid’s devices on the go, VacPack fully complies with all carry on and airline safety requirements.

Not going on a plane? VacPack is perfect for road trips, beach trips, camping trips, with a ruggedized design and integral LED flash light & BTLE speaker. 


anyway, you get the idea.... a pod (think redesigned wandvac without the dustcup) that is designed to clip to the upper surface of your luggage - which is designed to accept the pod in a clean integrated aesthetic.  The pod sucks out the air from inside the case/bag by way of a port in the top of the case.  the port on the inside attaches to the silicon bag liner (think large size food keeper silicon bag - heavy duty etc.  Liner could double as a beach towel bag on day trips or a dirty laundry bag etc.